10k charity run

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10k charity run

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Hello all

I only have 4 runs left of this programme and am desperate to have another goal to focus on.

I've therefore entered a 10k charity run in Greenwich, South East London at the end of November.

In truth, it has come a little too soon for me (5 weeks today), but it's not a race, it's a run so am fairly sure I will be ok.

So my question is, in a weeks time, when I have finished Couch to 5k (I followed the programme strictly) what's the best training plan to follow?

I was thinking of spending the 4 weeks as follows :

First 3 weeks, run 30 minutes (maybe increasing the odd run to 35 minutes if I feel ok and have time)
Last week before the race - rest and eat well.

Then hope that the fact that I will have ran several 5ks, coupled with the adrenaline of running an organised 10k race gets me through.

Or is that fool hardy?

Any tips gratefully received.


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