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Finished Get Running? Tell us how you did, and chat with other Get Running graduates about what to do next!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Capital_M »

Finished mine on Xmas eve as well. I delayed finishing by resting two days between runs the last two weeks instead of 1, for the most part. This wasn't by choice per se, but it worked out.

I'll be running my first 5K on New Year's Day, so thanks to the creators of this app. I will heartily endorse it to anyone who is interested.
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by fierygirl »

Hi, I finished the programme last Saturday and am now tracking my runs using the Nike app. This has completely changed my life. Found week 8 a real hurdle but when I got over it I felt a real sense of achievement. Have been boring my friends rigid by going on about this app. One question; lots of people seem to be using run tracker now. Is that better than the Nike app?
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Nzgirl »

Name: Sarah
Location: New Zealand
Graduation date: 6th May 2013

Feeling great... Fittest I've been in a while. 1st 5km this weekend and really looking forward to it. Thanks get running!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by NikkiNewy »

Name: Nikki
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Graduated: 25 May 2013

It's taken me exactly two months to complete the program. The weather has been bad for the last week so my JogTracker app hasn't worked properly, but I estimate that the final run was 5km in 40 minutes (4km in 30 minutes). Today I'll be signing up to run my first 5k, the Newy Parkrun 1st Birthday on 8 June.

I feel much fitter but I've only lost 0.8kg since I started (and I have a LOT of weight to lose). Must try harder. Onwards and upwards!
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Yvonne2al »

Hi there! I came to the other side last Friday. Started running at Easter, repeated one week and had a week of hol after week 8. I cannot believe I am a runner - never run before. Early srping I discovered a lump in my breast, as there is a breast cancer history in my family I was convinced I would soon die. I cried for few nights and made a list of things I wanted to do before I die: there were only few and one of them was running. Luckily the lump turned out to be nothing serious and I was left with running:) I am overweight and did not loose a kilogram. ( still 162 cm and 80kg.) my legs got slimmer and arms, i think. Look at my statistics so far:
Total workouts: 31
Total duration: 1d:03h:05m
Total distance: 144.68 km
rips around the world: 0.004
Trips to the Moon: 0
Average speed: 5.34 km/h
Average pace: 11m:14s
Calories burned: 11980 kcal

Now i am going to keep repeating week 9 for the rest of my life:)
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by runjustrun »

Name: Justin
Location: Birmingham UK
Graduated:13 June 2013

Now for the Lichfield 10k in sept then the Birmingham half marathon in Oct...marathon next year? Maybe?
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by AKR »

Name: Aija
Graduation date:30 may 2013
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Runner08 »

Name: Iain
Location: Preston Lancashire UK
Graduated: 07 july 2013
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Sarah »

Name: Sarah
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Graduation Date: 12-07-2013 :D
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Re: Roll of honour 

Post by Cantabrigian »

Name: Andrew
Location: Cambridge, UK
Graduation Date: 15-07-2013

(except Claire thinks I still have one run to go, as W9R2 somehow didn't get registered. But I know I did it!
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