W5R3 (20m run) Report

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W5R3 (20m run) Report

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Like everyone before me, I can confirm the program works. I completed my W5R3 today feeling pretty good. I kept running for 2 minutes longer so I ended up going about 2.9 km in 22 minutes at an average pace of 7:34 with my heart rate at a steady 172 to 174 bpm (92% of measured 188 MaxHR, 89% of HRReserve). As far as perceived exertion, it might have been 14?

I really felt good at the end. My stomach seems a bit uneasy this afternoon, but I'm not needing a nap like after the last run.

(Claire announced I had to turn around right after I saw the Kiryat Yam mermaid...really.)

Now I get to rest up for two days - bummer. I'm actually starting to like this running thing.

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