New shoes

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New shoes

Post by Fragglerock »

Well after a disastrous run last Thursday due to going over on my ankle and splitting my shoes, I have gone out bought new ones (and more rainy weather gear) and have started week three again. Although I felt ok last week I want to ensure that I am truly ready for the start of the "ramp up" and I need to break these shoes in too ;)

Nice and rainy here in west lothian today but all was good. I did my run -even managed to do a little jog home. Shoes are fine - I feel like I am tigger bouncing down the road LOL- stretches done. Now off to settle down and wait for the closing ceremony to start.

Happy running everybody :D
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Re: New shoes

Post by ColinD69 »

Nothing like the joy of some new bouncy shoes!!! :)

Hope the ankle is doing ok Fraggle.
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