Anyone running in 2020?

Just starting out with Get Running? Chat about the basics of running, what clothes to wear, where to run... anything you like!
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Anyone running in 2020?

Post by BabyGotBack »

Anyone out there in 2020?

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Re: Anyone running in 2020?

Post by matt »

Sadly our forums have been a bit quiet recently. I think a lot of online forums have suffered a bit from the takeover of the behemoths that are Facebook and Twitter!

I just wanted to pop in here and say that you're definitely not alone. I'm the forum admin, but I'm also right now I'm trying to get back to a weight where I can jog without hurting my knees, and it might be a few months in the making, but I'm hoping to go through the Get Running plan from scratch later on this year, as I really did love running when I was doing it regularly, and it did keep me fit...
Matt. Splendid Things web guy and Android developer. Started running with Get Running in 2009. Three 10Ks and six half-marathons done since then :)

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Re: Anyone running in 2020?

Post by Ewli »

I just downloaded this app again, I haven’t had it in five-six years and I miss it! Used it many times in the past but I have never finished and made it to the last weeks...
This time I hope I will!
Happy to see that there are other people still using this app!

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