Pain in shins and calfs

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Pain in shins and calfs

Post by pam3235 »

I have just completed run 2 in week four. I am not finding things are getting any easier. My struggle seems to be not about excessive breathlessness - I just seem to get extremely painful shin and calf muscles after my first or second run. I dont know if it is to do with my stretching or not. It is this that makes me really struggle to the point that even though I am running (slow jogging) - I actually could walk faster than my jog.
If I am honest I am 5'6" tall - 47yrs old and and weight 210lbs (about 4 stones overweight). Is this the main reason why my legs hurt so much when I am running (no problem when walking).
Should I be putting exercise on hold until I shift some weight??? (Blood pressure etc all ok)
Do other people have the same pains when running???

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Re: Pain in shins and calfs

Post by benjohn »

Hiya Pam – well done on finding yourself in week four!

I've just had a quick google, and I found this article that looks like it might be useful. It's by the people that own the couch to 5k program (as used by Get Running), so they know what they're talking about.

Some additional advice: don't ever feel you must move on to the next week. Go ahead and run a week a dozen time if you like – if that helps you, that's the thing to do. It's all about managing what you can so that you're not going to put yourself off or hurt yourself.

Some other thoughts – if you can, I think running on soft surfaces could help you. If you've access to a gym, you could also do your program on a cross trainer. I take it you've got some reasonably good shoes? If you have access to a small independent running shop, you could go in and see what advice they have too.

Really hope some of this advice will help you!

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