So sad!!!!

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So sad!!!!

Post by Stephlperry76 »

I only have 4 more runs and then I'm done with the app. Wow this time went by so fast! What am I going to do when I'm done?!?!?

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Re: So sad!!!!

Post by JoelGwood »

I'm still in the denial stage :D I've been running week 9 over and over. It's too good to let go!

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Re: So sad!!!!

Post by Ambrose »

Joel your blog is very inspiring good job young man. Steph I'm at W7 now but I plan on continuing with the bridge to 10k program. It wont be the same as Get Running but will have to do till...the people upstairs bless us with a Get running bridge to 10k.

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Re: So sad!!!!

Post by Mandy123 »

I have decided that I will get a half marathon app when I'm done with this one

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Re: So sad!!!!

Post by Jspears »

I just started as well, but have been looking into programs when I'm finished with this one. iPhone has a Bridge to 10k app that is ideal for graduates of the c25k app. Good luck!

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Re: So sad!!!!

Post by Gareth111278 »

I've been thinking about this , I think I'll stick with running week 9 until I'm propperly sub 30 mins for 5K [& have my Yellow laces{see the 'yellow laces' thread for details}] Then I think I'll get a bridge app to 10K or just start running as I see fit. One thing I might try is running 5K in 30 mins but up some of the big hills we have here in sunny Wales!

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