W8 R2 Complete - What happened to my buddies?

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W8 R2 Complete - What happened to my buddies?

Post by Lauraeliza30 »

Hi All, I did my run 2 of week 8 yesterday, and I managed it on the treadmill! If you have read my previous post you know that I have come to despise the treadmill!!!!! I got home from work and was excited that we had got a quick thunderstorm and I thought it was done so I was excited to take my run outside into the cool weather. BUT when i opened the door it was raining, which wouldn't have been a problem but I was scared to get caught in thunder and lighting so off the gym I headed. For the entire, 5 minute drive I convinced myself that I was on a mission to run for 28 minutes on that stupid machine. It sucked, it was boring. My iphone went flying off the treadmill twice so I had to do a quick pause to jump off and get it... my pride was hurt as I heard someone snicker behind me on the second time it flew off. i finally took the earbuds out and just focused on the tv with the earbuds out my arm couldn't get caught in the wires. The only good thing I can say about my run is that I felt more control of my speed because I could see my mileage progress and could adjust my speed. So, i was able to come in at 2 miles right at 28 minutes. That seems soooooooooooo slow, but I'm slower on the road so I will take what I can get. It will be months before I can even see 3 miles in 30 minutes! I am grateful that I am still with this program although I am progressing through the rest of my runs at a snails pace due to life being in the way, but still as committed as ever!

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Re: W8 R2 Complete - What happened to my buddies?

Post by Simongeorge »

I'm still here, did wk7r1 last Wednesday, it was incredibly hard, and partly as you say life gets in the way sometimes, and partly losing my 'running mojo', it was today before I got back out, I was going to go back to wk6 but, when I got out there, I felt good, so I thought I'd try wk 7 r2 and if it was too tough,I'd go back to wk6. It was very tough, but I managed it. I know a week between runs isn't really on, but I'm in this for the long run( no pun intended!) so it'll all even out in the end.

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Re: W8 R2 Complete - What happened to my buddies?

Post by Redders »

You both have to keep going as you're both so close to completing the programme. Week 7 and 8 still seems a long way off for me. I am finding it really useful reading everyone's posts especially those who are ahead of me - it lets me know what to expect. Keep at it as looking forward to rwadi g about your week 9s Good luck!

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Re: W8 R2 Complete - What happened to my buddies?

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I'm still here and cheering for you. It's going to be a few months before I can get back to it and I am really missing the runs but I am, however, looking forward to seeing you able members of our little band get to the end of the programme.

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