I did it!!! But now need advice.... :)))

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I did it!!! But now need advice.... :)))

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I did it!!! :D I ran The Color Run in Charlotte NC this morning! :) Ran the whole thing -- no stops! Woot!! SO happy!! You see -- this wasn't just a 5K for me. This was like the Olympics for me! 3 years ago I weighed 420+ pounds (I was even on an episode of Supersize vs Superskinny as the fat American used to scare overweight brits into changing...season 4, episode 2 Amy vs Amy....that's ME....or the person I used to be). I've lost 200+ pounds and have gone from barely being able to walk -- to being able to RUN!!!! Crossing the finish line was so AWESOME!!! All of the hours at the gym, all of the miles of walking and running all led up to today!!! Already planning to run another race in November...and many more after that!

I still have about 50 pounds to lose. This app helped me gain endurance. I'm still SLOWWWWW. No pain, no problems....other than slowwww. Should I bridge to a 10K training program now? Or should I keep at 30-45 minute runs until my time is faster?

Just a bit confused on what my best choice would be to continue my running -- same time/better pace or longer runs?
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Re: I did it!!! But now need advice.... :)))

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I chose to continue running 30 or 45 minutes at a time and stalled hard: I had much better results when I moved on to a half marathon training program. While I never completed it, and probably won't since nursing school is way more intense than I had expected, I really enjoyed the 8 and 9 mile runs that I did complete.
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