Shin splints

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Shin splints

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Hello All,

Just finished W1R3. I tend to get shin splints while running. I don't try to over due it when running. I try to run at a decent pace and stride. I just purchased new insoles for my shoes today for my style of foot. I am prior military but I haven't done any running for probably 8 years or more. I had the same issue when I started back then too. My question is, should I run through it and will they eventually go away, or do I need to change something? Could the insoles be causing the shin splints? Thanks for any responses in advance.
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Re: Shin splints

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I am prone to shin splints as well, and the first year or so of running (constantly upping mileage/intensity) was a never-ending struggle. Generally, I would take a painkiller about 40 minutes before heading out to run, but every month or so, I would take a week off to let my shins heal. It helped a lot, and I always came back from that week off feeling great and ready to go!

There are stretches and simple exercises you can also do to help the muscles around the shinbone, which I highly recommend. Google shin splint stretches and you should be able to find lots of information, complete with pictures and videos.

Also, if you haven't already, go to a running shop and make sure you're wearing the right shoes. People who overpronate tend to get shin splints, and it really helps to have shoes that sort of keep everything stable.

If you continue to have difficulty, consider seeing a physical therapist.

Eventually, the muscles and bone will strengthen and you will no longer feel pain, but if you don't do anything to help your body heal, you can get stress fractures. I've managed to run shin splint free for over two years, even after I started training for a half marathon; so it can be done, it just takes time and determination.

Good luck to you!
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