How fast?

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How fast?

Post by Rach1623 »

Hi I know it's not really about how fast we run but completing the runs but I just wondered out of interest how fast people run?
I beat myself up if I don't maintain the same pace :((
My comfortable speed is 8kph.
I did this program last year but after having a few months off running started it again a few weeks ago at week 3.
Just completed week 6 run 2 x
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Re: How fast?

Post by starknut »

Seriously, don't beat yourself up! Everyone runs at their own unique pace. Personally, I am slow as heck, even after almost 4 years. I feel like I'm doing it all wrong, but truly I am more happy doing distance runs than working on increasing my pace. I think the fastest I've ever been on a short run (and by short I mean 2 or 3 miles) was a pace of 12 minutes per mile.
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Re: How fast?

Post by alanmcd »

I am up to running 30 minutes at a time now, which I run at 7:30 per km 8 kph with the assistance of the ismooth run pace prompts. Without the prompts I found my pace started off at 5:45 and grew to 8:45 after 20 minutes.

My heart rate during my runs climbs quickly to bust into zone 5 then straddles zones 4 and 5 for the rest of the run with or without the pace guidance on.

Everyone is made differently, and as a verified member of the 'high beater' club my body cannot learn to run in zone 3 by 'run slow' guidance. Any slower,I am walking, not running. Cardiologist and family doc, both runners, suggested throwing away the heart monitor and just run at a comfortable pace,but I like gathering data. The data is not making me run slower or faster than comfortable. ... e36=4ibi81

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