Week 1

Just starting out with Get Running? Chat about the basics of running, what clothes to wear, where to run... anything you like!
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Week 1

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My name is Christine, I am 42 and just started get running day 1 today. I am from Cork Ireland.

I really enjoyed today Day 1 Wk1.

With the help of this forum I will keep up the training.

I hope we can motivate and encourage each other,. Is there anyone else starting off like me.?

I did a 5k last Saturday. I wasn't inclined to but my friend encouraged me. I had planned on doing it at the end of the couch to 5k training. My time was 40 minutes as I walked a lot of it. (My breathing gave me truoble) I felt a bit demotivated as 104 people ran in the 5k and I came 102nd People much older than me are so much fitter

Today when I did the day 1 of couch to 5k I had trouble with my breathing. A passer by said to me 'I suppose everyone has to start somewhere'

I really want to stay positive.

I met a neighbour today and she laughed when she heard I came 102nd in 40 min she said she runs 5k in 25 min but she has been running a year.

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