Advice Needed for Pregnant Runner!

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Advice Needed for Pregnant Runner!

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Hi Guys,

I am just starting week 9 and found out I am 6 weeks pregnant :D I was wondering if there are any other pregnant runners out there and what is the general advice regading whether I should keep it up or stop for now? I have just got to a point where I am confident I can run for 30 mins constantly and don't want to let my fitness level drop, I also like being active and would like to stay active throughout the pregnancy. Obviously it's early days at the moment but any advice would be grearly received. I haven't seen a midwife yet but I am sure she will offer some advice on this when I do see her.

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Re: Advice Needed for Pregnant Runner!

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Wow – double congratulations are in order!

Definitely talk to your midwife.

My wife and I started out on C25K together three years back, but stopped (for the first time) when she became pregnant with our older son. I think she found it very uncomfortable! I hope you'll be able to find a replacement exercise, at least for the first few months. Perhaps a cross trainer instead, or swimming?
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